Coin Designs by Daniel Carr.

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1987-2001 Apollo Astronaut dollar & 2-dollar.

1993 World War 2 commemorative sketches.

2001 Bessie Coleman dollar.

2001 Sacagawea dollar.

2001 Capitol Visitor's Center commemoratives.

2001 state quarters (New York, NC, Rhode Island, VT, KY).

2003 state quarters (Maine).

2004 state quarters (MI, FL, TX, IA, WI).

2005 state quarters (CA, KS, OR, MN).

2006 state quarters (NV, CO).

2004-2006 state quarters (Washington DC, Puerto Rico).

2004-2009 Freedom Tower Silver Dollar.

US Mint "Artistic Infusion Program" (Maryland state quarter 2004).

US Mint "Artistic Infusion Program" (Texas state quarter 2005).

Paris Mint "City of Lights" medal.

2004-2008 Colorado Ski Country Gold Pass Medals

2005 Fort Collins Colorado Coin Club 50th Anniversary Medal

2006 Denver Mint Centennial Token

2006 IASAC Silver Medal

2006 Arizona Heritage Award Medal

2006 Nikola Tesla Sesquicentennial Medal

2007 President Concept Medallions

2007-2008 "Knights of the Coin Table" Medals

2007-2009 UNA Amero Patterns

2007-2009 Restore the Republic medals - Ron Paul, Aaron Russo, G. Edward Griffin, Alex Jones

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Complete Catalog with Mintage Statistics NEW !


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