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Designs Computed is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), founded in 1999 by current President Daniel Carr. The initial company efforts were directed towards automotive publishing.

In July 2003, after several years in the making, Designs Computed released the Virtual Sculptor (VS3D / VScad3) software. This software was written by Daniel Carr, incorporating his background in Mechanical Engineering, computer graphics, CAD/CAM software, image processing, and Art. The early version of the software was written for the purpose of sculpting coin surfaces. It was successfully used by the author to help design the New York and Rhode Island state quarters for the United States Mint.

The software's innovative approach showed promise for use in a general-purpose relief-sculpting tool. In 2001 the decision was made to start a complete top-to-bottom rewrite of the software for eventual commercial distribution. During the reconstruction of the software, it was also utilized in designing a Maine state quarter. That design was chosen by the state of Maine for their quarter (it was subsequently modified by the US Mint).

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