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2.0.0 VScad3

VScad3 Introduction.
VScad3 is a "CAD" program for building wire-frame and polygonal geometry. It can also be used to generate design documents ("drawings"). Available entities include Annotation (text), Symbols, Polylines, Polygons, Surfaces, and Solids (fully-enclosed surface shells). Attributes include Patterns, Fonts, Colors, and Lights. The associated Virtual Sculpting and machining program (VS3D) is an innovative relief-surface manipulator. It can be used with VScad3 to turn 3D geometry into relief surfaces and vice versa. It is recommended that new users learning VS3D/VScad3 start by taking the Guided Tour.

VScad3 can work with and manage several classes of items:

Lights: Light sources for illuminating the model.
Colors: Predefined and custom colors for entities.
Fonts: Font styles for annotations.
Patterns: Crosshatch fill patterns for polygon entities.
Symbols: Collections of entities representing a symbol to be placed multiple times in the model.
Entities: Geometry types including: Annotations, Polylines, Polygons, Surfaces, and Solids (fully-enclosed surfaces).
Model: All the current entities. This is sometimes also referred to as the "CAD Model".
Drawing: The background (page border, title block, etc.) that one or more views of the model are placed upon.
Session: A session consists of everything above.

All of these can be created, saved, and loaded. All items except the Session can be selectively deleted.

Screen Layout.
Along the top of the main VScad3 interface are the File, Resources, Workspace, and Help menus. The main mode setting (Annotate, Symbol, Polyline, Polygon, Surface, Solid, Select, Edit, Transform, Replicate, Probe, or View) appears below the main menus. The main mode setting determines which actions will occur when a mouse button is clicked on the geometry view. Each mode has it's own set of controls which will appear below the mode setting. Below the mode controls (just above the geometry window) is the prompt text. This will describe what actions (mouse clicks) are currently possible in the geometry window.

The geometry window takes up most of the area in the main VScad3 window. The main VScad3 window can be resized using the host window manager. If resized, the geometry window is sized to fit the main VScad3 window. If the aspect ratio of the current drawing (page) does not match the aspect ratio of the geometry window, then a black fill area will be drawn to compensate (either to the right or above the page).

Help Menu.
The Help menu contains an "About VScad3" button. Selecting this menu button will display information about the current VScad3 release. If VScad3 is currently running in a licensed mode, the Help menu will also have an "Unlicense" button. Use this function to unlicense VS3D/VScad3 on the current computer (so that VS3D/VScad3 can then be licensed on a different computer).

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