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VScad3 Geometric Entities

2.4.1 Annotate mode.

This mode is used for placing annotations (notes, dimensions, etc.) in the model. Once the text parameters are specified (via the "Text..." button), each click using the left mouse button in a geometry view will place a copy of the current annotation at that X,Y location (the Z location is determined by the "Z Plane" setting).

"Text..." : This will bring up the "Annotate Text" dialog for the annotation settings. The "Text" field is where the annotation text may be entered. One or more lines of text are allowed. The "Text Size" field specifies the X,Y dimensions of the text. Both dimensions must be greater than 0. The "Text Spacing" field specifies the spacing between each line of text. This setting has no effect if only one line of text is specified. The "Alignment" (justification) of the text can be set to "Left", "Center", or "Right". The "Text Baseline" X,Y,Z setting and the "Text Up Vector" X,Y,Z setting together specify the 3D orientation (rotation) of the text. Normally, the "Text Up Vector" should be perpendicular to the "Text Baseline" vector.

"Font" : All currently-defined fonts will appear in this list. Select the desired font to use. If no fonts are currently defined, then the list is empty and a default font will be used. To define a new font, use the main "Resources / Font..." menu, or load fonts using the main "File / Load => Fonts..." menu.

"Position" : This will bring up the "Annotate Position" dialog. The X,Y,Z "Position" field in this dialog specifies the coordinate at which to place the annotation (when the "Ok" button is clicked).

"Z Plane" : This specifies the Z coordinate at which to place the annotation when the left mouse button is clicked in a view.

2.4.1 A