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VScad3 Geometric Entities

2.4.2 Symbol mode.

This mode is used for placing symbols in the model. A symbol is a collection of entities that are placed together (usually multiple times) in the model. Once a symbol is defined and selected (via the "Current Symbol" list), each click using the left mouse button in a geometry view will place the symbol at that X,Y location (the Z location is determined by the "Z Plane" setting).

"Make..." : Use this button to define a new symbol. Before clicking on "Make...", create the entity (or entities) that will make up the symbol (annotations, polylines, etc.). These should be constructed such that the coordinate origin (0,0,0) is the focal point of the symbol. For example, if a circle is used for a symbol, the center of the circle should be at 0,0,0. That way, when the symbol is placed, the symbol center will be located at the point clicked. If more than one entity is to comprise the symbol, the entities must be grouped first. To group them, select them all and then use the main Edit mode "Group" button. After the symbol geometry is created, select the entity or group. Then click on "Make..." This will bring up the "Make Symbol" dialog. The "Symbol Size" setting specifies the X,Y,Z scale factor to apply to the symbol. These values should be greater than 0. In the "Name" field, enter a name for the new symbol. Choose a name that does not already exist. A list of the current symbols is shown at the bottom of the dialog. When the "Ok" button is clicked, the new symbol is created and it is added to the "Current Symbol" list. Symbols can be saved and loaded via the main "File / Save => Symbols..." and "File / Load => Symbols..." menus.

"Current Symbol" : All currently-defined symbols will appear in this list. Select the desired symbol to use. If no symbols are currently defined, then the list is empty. To define a new symbol, use the "Make..." button, or load symbols using the main "File / Load => Symbols..." menu.

"Position..." : This will bring up the "Symbol Position" dialog. The X,Y,Z "Position" field in this dialog specifies the coordinate(s) at which to place the symbol(s) (when the "Ok" button is clicked). Multiple symbol positions can be entered (one X,Y,Z point per line - with numbers separated by spaces and/or commas). If one or more entities was selected before the "Position..." button was clicked, then the points from any selected entity (or entities) will be loaded into the dialog.

"Z Plane" : This specifies the Z coordinate at which to place the symbol when the left mouse button is clicked in a view.

2.4.2 A