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VScad3 Geometric Entities

2.4.5 Surface mode continued.

"Geometry..." continued :

"Revolution" : The "Revolution Surface" dialog allows a surface of revolution to be created. A revolution surface is basically a line or curve that is swept along an arc to sweep out a surface. The color of the resulting revolution surface is determined by the color of the entities that were selected for revolution, or the main attribute color setting if no entities were selected. The default (main) color setting can be set via the main "Resources / Attributes..." menu.

  • The "Revolution Perimeter" field specifies the coordinates of a line, a series of lines, or an arc to use as the shape to revolve. If one or more entities was selected before the "Geometry..." button was clicked, then the coordinates from those entities are automatically loaded into the dialog.

  • The "Revolution Point" field specifies the X,Y,Z pivot point for the center of the revolution.

  • The "Revolution Axis" field specifies the X,Y,Z direction of the vector to rotate around. For example, a vector of 0,1,0 specifies a rotation about the Y axis.

  • The "Revolution Angle" field specifies the minimum and maximum revolution angle (in degrees counter-clockwise).

  • The "Revolution Steps" field determines how many "facets" the surface will have along the revolution direction. The higher the number, the smoother the surface and the smaller the facets (and the denser the surface).

  • The "Perimeter" setting ("Open" or "Closed") determines if the revolution perimeter should be closed before performing the revolution.

  • Click on "Ok" to create the surface with the chosen settings.


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