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VScad3 Geometric Entities

2.4.5 Surface mode continued.

"Geometry..." continued :

"Triangulated" : The "Triangulated Surface" dialog allows a triangulated surface mesh to be created. A triangulated surface is basically a triangulation of scattered points on the XY plane, with a Z height at each point (vertex).

  • The "Triangulation" field specifies the scattered X,Y,Z points for each vertex. Values can be entered manually (one X,Y,Z coordinate per line in the form). If one or more entities was selected before the "Geometry..." button was clicked, then the coordinates from those entities are automatically loaded into the dialog. The points can also be loaded from a simple ASCII ".dat" file containing three columns of numbers. Use the Triangulation "Load From File..." button to load such a file.

  • In the "Vertex Color(s)" field, enter the vertex colors as RGB (red, green, blue intensities - one color per line). Minimum intensity is 0 and maximum intensity is 255. If there are more vertices than colors, then the color sequence is repeated as needed. If only one color is specified, then the entire surface will be that color. The Vertex Colors "Load From File..." button allows a simple ASCII ".dat" file containing 3 columns of R,G,B (Red, Green, Blue) values to be loaded and used as the colors.

  • Click on "Ok" to create the surface with the chosen settings.


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