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VScad3 Model Manipulation

2.5.1 Select mode.

This mode is used for selecting entities. Selected entities can be modified in a number of ways. The coordinate points of selected entities can be used for creating new entities. When an entity is selected, it is highlighted by a bounding box (dotted lines with small boxes at the corners of the bounding volume).

While in "Select" mode, click the left mouse button on an entity to select it. Any entities that were previously selected are unselected before the new entity is selected. Clicking the left mouse button away from all entities will unselect everything. Click the right mouse button to toggle the selection of an entity on or off. The right mouse button is also very handy for selecting multiple entities.

"Select All" : This will select all entities in the CAD model, but not any entities on the drawing background behind the view(s).

"Unselect All" : This will unselect everything. The same thing can be accomplished by clicking the left mouse button in an area that is not near any entities.

"Highlight Color" : This controls what color to use for highlighting subsequently-selected entities.

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