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VScad3 Model Manipulation

2.5.4 Replicate mode.

This mode is used for replicating selected entities.

"Linear | Angular" : This setting determines the type of replication to be applied to the selected entities.

"Vector..." : This will bring up the replication dialog for typing in the replication parameters.
In "Linear" mode, enter the X,Y,Z "Replication Vector" (distance). Each replicated copy of the selected entities will be separated by this distance.
In "Angular" mode, enter the X,Y,Z "Rotation Axis Vector", the center X,Y,Z "Rotation Axis Point", and the "Rotation Increment" (in degrees counter-clockwise). Each replicated entity will be separated by the rotation angle. The "Upright Mode" ("On or "Off") controls whether replicated entities are held upright or allowed to rotate. If the Upright Mode is "On", then the X,Y,Z "Object Center Point" specifies the upright pivoting point for the entity to be replicated.

"Copies" : This setting controls how many replicated copies of the entities will be generated.

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