VS3D / VScad3 - Download.

To obtain a CD via postal mail, view the VS3D/VScad3 Order Form.
To install from a CD, view the CD Installation Instructions.

To download VS3D/VScad3, click on the link below and choose "Save this file to disk" and "Ok" in the pop-up dialog. Then select a destination folder/file on your disk (such as "C:\vs3d_setup.exe").

Download VS3D / VScad3 version 1.65 (7 megabytes)

This will download the "vs3d_setup.exe" file (a self-extracting installation program). This download file is about 7mb. When fully installed, it will expand to about 17mb on your local disk.

Make sure that the host computer’s Date and Time settings are correct. (If not, use the Windows “Control Panel” to change them).

Recommended, but not mandatory: Put the host computer’s display setting in 24-bit color mode (also known as the “True Color” or “16 Million Colors” setting in the “Display” Control Panel). Reboot the computer if necessary.

Double-click on the downloaded "vs3d_setup.exe" file to unpack and install VS3D/VScad3. Follow the instructions provided by the installation program. Do NOT install VS3D in a folder that has a space character in the name, such as "Program Files".

During the last step in the installation procedure, you my choose to start VS3D immediately, or wait until later. The installation will create two icons on your computer's desktop - "VS3D" and "VS3D_HELP".

To run VS3D/VScad3 at any time, simply double-click on the "VS3D" desktop icon. If VS3D/VScad3 has not been licensed, then a “License Key” message will appear. Click on “Ok”. When the Licensing splash screen appears, click on “Demo” to run VS3D/VScad3 in “demo” mode (all file output is disabled). If you have an Evaluation or Permanent license key, cut/paste it into the license key field and then click on “License”. The Software Usage Terms window will appear. Read the terms carefully and then accept or decline them.

Users new to VS3D/VScad3 should start by taking the Guided Tour/Tutorial. Select "Guided Tour/Tutorial" from the "Help" menu, or double-click on the "VS3D_HELP" desktop icon. Use VS3D/VScad3 following the steps outlined in the tour/tutorial.

The VS3D/VScad3 help files can also be accessed on the internet at: http://www.DesignsComputed.com/vs3d/docs/

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