VS3D / VScad3 - License & Usage Agreement

This software is a product of, and is copyrighted by, Designs Computed, LLC.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. Reverse-engineering or copying the capabilities of VS3D/VScad3 when creating other software programs is prohibited.

All users agree not to license more copies of this software than the number of licenses that have been granted and paid for. If a user requests and receives a replacement license key, then the user agrees to permanently delete all copies of this software they have acquired that are in excess of the number of licenses granted and paid for.

All users agree not to hold Designs Computed LLC, or it's officers or employees, liable for any damages that result from the use of this software, the non-use of this software, the installation of this software, or any functioning or malfunctioning of this software.

Designs Computed does not authorize persons lacking significant machining experience to attempt any machining activities: using this software; it's outputs; or otherwise. Due to the dangers involved, only fully-experienced machinists should operate machining devices.

By licensing or using this software, users agree to all the terms above.

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