VS3D / VScad3 - Pricing & Ordering Information (all prices are in US Dollars).

Virtual Sculptor VS3D / VScad3 DEMO version:
$ FREE (All file output disabled - can be fully enabled at any time by obtaining a license key).

Virtual Sculptor VS3D / VScad3 EVALUATION version:
$ FREE (fully enabled for 30 days).

Complete Virtual Sculptor package (VS3D with VScad3),
Includes one year of technical support
(English language only),
Unlimited time usage - never expires:
$ 975
Per licensed copy. (Special Offer !)

Extended Technical Support :
$ 300
Per year, per site. (This is for continued support after one year - English language only).

Licence Key Reissue :

(If VS3D / VScad3 is installed on a different computer, a new license key is required).

Software Updates :
(To Be Decided). (For existing customers - new updated versions of the software, as they are released).

VS3D / VScad3 order form.

There are two ways to obtain the software :

A. Download it from the Designs Computed download area.

B. Request a CD (Compact Disk) distribution by contacting Designs Computed, or by mailing a completed order form. Note that the CD distribution has some example data files (sculptures and models) that are not present in the internet download version.

Installing and Licensing the software:

1. Read the software License Agreement.

2. The installation instructions are found in the Documentation Area.

3. Run the software in unlicensed mode. The ID code of your computer will be reported. Contact Designs Computed with the ID code and payment (or invoice number from a previous payment). A license key to fully enable the software will be emailed back to you. The software can also be run in unlicensed "DEMO" mode. All file output is disabled for DEMO mode.

Unlicensing the software:

If the software is to be moved from one computer to another, it must first be unlicensed on the old computer before it can be licensed on the new computer. The unlicensing process will report an unlicensing confirmation code. Send this code, along with the reported host ID code for the new computer, to Designs Computed to obtain a license key for the new computer. To move the software to a new computer, follow these steps:

1. Install VS3D/VScad3 on the new computer. Run it and make note of the reported Host ID code.

2. On the old computer, start VS3D or VScad3. Select "Unlicense" from the "Help" menu. The unlicensing confirmation code will be displayed. Send that code, along with the reported host ID code for the new computer, to Designs Computed to obtain a new license key.

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